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Cross-Border Planning

Working Abroad

It is crucial to understand that there is a huge difference between Europe and the United States or other non-EU countries. And that is not only cultural. We have to deal with several major regulatory bodies concerning investments: For Example: The European Union with their MIFID II regulations, in the US it is the SEC. We have also two opposite situations regarding Tax: In Europe we have residential based taxation, whereas the US is unique with their Citizenship based taxation.

The Impact of FATCA

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act states that your bank or broker must comply with US tax rules. They should report your account information to the tax authority. Therefore most US based financial institutions will not serve expats abroad anymore. Vice versa, in the Netherlands Dutch Brokers or banks will not serve you as an American or non-EU citizen. At Noesis Capital Management we are specialized in serving both!

Financial Planning

Financial planning consists of several components and is much more than just watching the stock market go up or down. Take a broad view of the various aspects impacting your financial lifecycle! The power is in starting early and using compounding interest. But it is also about teaching your children to manage their money, how do you want to retire, or start thinking about your inheritance. Together with your investment manager, you will prepare a plan, determine risk appetite and look at asset allocation and the impact of different currencies where applicable.